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And I Tumbled Towards The Earth

...and with a light touch, she righted herself and sailed through the damp, twisting, glorious air of Earth to what lay beyond.

El Fin.
40 oz. to freedom, acoustic rock, alternative, bang bang, being alone, ben folds, ben folds five, ben gibbard, big fish, blind melon, brad nowell, breakfast club, bree sharp, breeze, broadway, buzzing off, camping, candles, catch 22, coldplay, comedy, comedy central, concerts, counting crows, damien rice, dane cook, david bowie, dcfc, death cab for cutie, diamonds, digitizing, dispatch, dogma, donnie darko, dreads, dreams, early morning hours, eil, elton john, elvis, enya, exoticness, faces, ferris bueller's day off, fight club, flat stanley, four day trials, franklin college, freckles, fun, good beats, good music, guitar, guitar picks, guitarists, guitars, gut the van, hanson, independent films, indie rock, jack black, jackass, jimmy eat world, karma, kisses, kissing, late nights, laughter, lemon flavor, les miserables, lighting bugs, lighting things on fire, lightning, live music, local bands, long eyelashes, long hair, love, marilyn monroe, modest mouse, molly ringwald, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical theater, musicals, mystery, new years, nicknames, night time, no doubt, paris, peircings, perfume, phone calls, photos, pink floyd, pink lemonade, postal service, quotes, radiohead, rain, raves, rent, rolling stone, romantisicm, roses, rufus wainwright, rx bandits, scary movies, second hand smoke, sex and the city, shows, silence, silent steeples, singer songwriters, singing, sinsemilla, ska, skiing, sleepovers, smashing pumpkins, smoke, snow, snow patrol, soul, southern romance, sparkles, stars, sublime, sugarcult, switzerland, tenacious d, thailand, the clash, the doors, the postal service, the ramones, trumpet, wallflowers, we have the facts, weezer, wood fire, writing